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House and Pet Sitter Services

$20.00 per visit up to 5 pets (Discounts available on 3 or more visits per day)

$25.00 per visit 6+ pets

Overnights available on request - Call for pricing

Overnights Include early evening visit, late night visit and early morning visit

so usually only one extra visit midday would possibly be needed

All services include:

  • Feeding & watering

  • Walks & playtime

  • Love & attention

  • Dog waste clean up

  • Litter box care for cats

  • Light cage care for exotic pets

  • Watering of indoor & outdoor plants

  • Rotating curtains & blinds

  • Rotating radio & television

  • Garbage & recycling service

  • Giving your house an “at home” appearance

  • Free daily e-mail or text update with picture

  • Free keep a key service for emergency care

  • No additional charge for medicating pet(s) Pills ok.  I don't give shots.


Available for Businesses or Personal Residences and In Assisted Living Facilities

                        Pet Assistant To Elderly In Assisted Living Facility

  •  Pet Care and Transportation of Pet to Groomer or Vet.  ​

  • Errand, Food, Snack or Gift Shopping. Special Requests Considered


                               Personal Assistance ​for Busy Families

  • Laundry Services - In your home 

  • Personal Courier / Errand Runner

  • Transportation and companion Services for the elderly.  

Must be able to walk independently to car or with cane or walker. Wheel chair available for me to push them around.

  • Transportation and companion for doctor appointments.

  • Wheel chair is available on request. 

Remain on property while contractors, repair workers etc on property

  • Shopping for any occasion

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate Gifts

  • Courier / Errand Runner

  • Special Request needed?  Just ask!

  • $20.00-$25.00 per hour for most services. Some flat rates available. 

No need to buy hours in advance.  No commitment necessary.

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